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DocProofer Toolbar
This is the toolbar you will see in your Microsoft Word environment after you download DocProofer. It will be available to you for every document you create in Word.


The AutoProof button will automatically correct more than 300 common grammatical errors as well as misspellings of words, terms, phrases and proper nouns. Many people like to activate Word's "track changes" feature before running it and activating the "show changes" feature after its done, so they can see what corrections AutoProof has made.

The CheckProof button provides users with an option to review words before making a replacement. Many users like this feature because it actually gives them grammatically correct hints on how to make the edit. It comes loaded with 20 different checks. (See below for example.)


Add to AutoProof
Add to AutoProof

This button enables users to add to the power of AutoProof. Simply click on the button and input incorrect words, terms, phrases or proper nouns into the top text box and place the corrected version into the bottom text box. (See below for an example.)


British Translator

This button automatically translates more than 30 words spelled in a British style with its American counterpart. For example, "analyse" would be replaced with "analyzed" and "bespoke" would be replaced with "custom."

Web search

This button is handy when you want to do a Web search on a word in your document. Just highlight the word, click the button and a new Google results page pops up with the results of your query.

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